Ticket Pricing

  • Wednesday - $12.00
  • Friday - $17.00

Ever wondered what happens in the tech booth during a show? If you said "no", you're probably a really boring person. Give this show a miss. If you said "yes", the answer is: none of your business, buddy. Just know that it's cooler than anything going on onstage. 

Light and Sound is a comedy show set in the tech booth during someone else's comedy show. Two hapless tech operators find themselves in the spotlight when the show they're working on goes horribly wrong. Come witness their insane and surreal journey as they desperately try to keep things running smoothly, while dealing with drama from the people backstage, the people onstage, and even the people lurking under the stage. It's probably gonna be a bit fucked. 

Light and Sound is a combination of theatre and sketch comedy, featuring music, puppets, and groundbreaking special effects (we are going to dig a hole in the ground). 

The creators of this show are: 

Levi Meltzer, who should be banned from performing, because he was born cursed to make every show he writes so good that it kills the audience with awe. But here we are. 

Max Seppelt, the world's first male comedienne, who was designed in a lab as part of a failed experiment to create a funny person who is capable of experiencing happiness. 

Hercules Poirot, the strongest pirate detective in Belgium. Sadly Hercules passed away during pre-production due to a gravity overdose (fell out a window). 

DISCLAIMER: LIGHT AND SOUND takes no legal responsibility for your safety during the show. We are legally allowed to kill you.