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Australian post-rockers SOLKYRI are finally back to launch their new album ‘Mount Pleasant’ with a boisterous hometown show at The Factory Floor.

'Mount Pleasant' is Solkyri’s long-awaited follow up their 2015 release 'Sad Boys Club'. This record sees the band further build upon their unique approach to post-rock, reaching new limits of aggression, intricacy and intimacy. With ‘Mount Pleasant’ the band strives to push the boundaries of both sides of its personality, its unyielding energy and its tender moments of vulnerability. ‘Mount Pleasant’ is the culmination of years of personal reflection and rediscovery of passion. The lead singles ‘Holding Pattern’ and ‘Pendock & Progress’ show the band are still at the peak of their powers on record, and adept at blending nostalgia & pulsing adrenalin within a song.

The record was inspired by the theme of deception, deceit and false facades. Tracks like ‘Potemkin’, one of the more unrelenting songs on this album, takes inspiration from the architecture of the Potemkin Village, a construction used to deceive others into believing a situation is better than it is. Similarly, closing track ‘Gueules Cassées’, is a reference to the ‘broken faces’ of French soldiers who suffered horrific facial mutilations from the first war in history fought on an industrial scale. The track attempts to invoke the horror and chaos of a war that was advertised as a sporting adventure with your mates.

In contrast, tracks like ‘Meet me in the Meadow’, a delicate Rhodes-driven piece, showcases new ground broken by the band in their approach to song craft, allowing members to experiment with new configurations within the band.

While Solkyri have explored new territory on this record, they have also honed their style of energetic post-rock laden with pop melodies on tracks like ‘Pendock & Progress’ and ‘Shambles’. Both tracks are built around the interplay of guitars and driving rhythms, with nods to math-rock, shoegaze and ambient music. As such, they fit seamlessly into Solkyri’s already dynamic live sets.

For this album, Solkyri opted to self-produce, with guitarist Ryan Fitz-Henry taking the helm. The record, like previous records, was mixed by Dax Liniere at his state of the art studio in London. The process allowed the band to hone the production whilst progressing themselves personally and professionally – a new model for many artists in this day and age.

The band are renowned for their fiery and powerful live performances. So after twelve months spent repeatedly postponing and rescheduling their Australian, UK & Europe tour dates, it’s fitting they’ll return to the stage to launch the record in their hometown.

Following these dates, the band will return overseas in 2022 to play Belgium’s Dunk Festival and support fellow Sydneysiders WE LOST THE SEA on a series of shows around the UK and Europe in May & June, showcasing a career-spanning set of songs.

‘Mount Pleasant’ is out now through Bird’s Robe Records (Australia) & Dunk Records (Europe)