A 20 year high school reunion brings together an unlikely business partnership between a high school bully and his old target. The man who once made high school a misery somehow now holds exciting career prospects for the guy who once endured abuse at his hands. By their sides stand their devoted wives, both unwavering in their support, but for very different reasons.

Spring Loaded is a new play written by Jon Glass, focusing on six characters who each get more than they bargain for when a business partnership goes awry. What happens when relationships are compromised, and old habits really do die hard? Spring Loaded takes a look at modern themes in relationships including bullying, gaslighting, manipulation and everything in between.

Part comedy and part drama, this is one high school reunion that will never be forgotten.


Benjamin Murray

Assistant Director and Set Design:

Natasha Cheng


Tahlia Crinis

Benjamin Murray

Natasha Cheng

Neil Parikh

Garreth Cruikshank

Lauren Hayes