After having five shows cancelled by the covid monster The Melodrones return with a new sound to launch a new single ‘Master Key’. This will now be their only show for the year.


+ Craig Dermody (Scott & Charlene’s Wedding)

+ Malys: Hosting Sad Girls Sex Club

Master Key was written when Rik Saunders was living in an apartment he shared with members of Sticky Fingers and DMA's at 37 Buckland in Newtown. Immersed in this highly inspiring environment- the song took all of 5 minutes to write. It was the seed of The Melodrones. Inspired by Smokey's 'You Really Got a Hold On Me'. The concept was simple. “What would happen if you combined the sonics of the Jesus and Mary Chain with the song writing of Motown?”. What you are hearing is the original demo remixed and mastered by Tim Powles of The Church.