Thomas Bleach wants to make sure everyone knows that he has an ex boyfriend, and that his life is like an early 2000’s Katherine Heigl movie. So much so that he's created a whole show that explores all of the hilarity of being heartbroken, as well as navigates the bad advice he’s been given.  

This Show’s Not About You is a show that is definitely about someone. If you’ve broken his heart at any point in his life, then it’s safe to say you’re probably a plot line. This show celebrates the human condition, and brings together stories from his forthcoming debut book Damaged Goods to the live stage. This past paced, energetic, ridiculous and hilarious show is storytelling at its most candid, and sometimes, most theatrical form. Get a wine or whatever other drink you find appropriate and get ready to laugh at how stupid people are, and feel old with some niche 2000’s references. 

Thomas Bleach is a comedian and writer who has been bubbling in the scene since 2017. With two sold headline shows in Brisbane in 2019 and 2021 under his belt, he also headed to Sydney in December 2021 to support Mitchell Coombs for the Laugh Outta Lockdown festival at Factory Theatre. But now Thomas is returning to Sydney for his own headline shows at Factory Theatre, and things are going to get ridiculous.