Finding their feet in the 1990s underground venues of the Gold Coast, Tijuana Cartel have honed their live set on some of Australia’s biggest stages dishing up an east meets west wonderland for those seeking sensory overload, euphoria, fat beats and heavy, bass-fuelled electronica.

Tijuana Cartel’s sound is high-energy, guitar-driven, world music for indie kids.

Although the latest release, ‘Acid Pony’, has an obvious feeling of heavy baselines and move your booty beats, there is still a deep current of musicianship and trippy interludes that are sure to take listeners into try other-worldly realms.

The album draws on the years and years of Paul and Carey’s experience in crafting albums and is mixed nicely with percussion by Sheila Finke and various brass instruments added by Joshua Sinclair and Eamon Dilworth.

'Acid Pony' is out worldwide now.


Kallidad combines Spanish guitar magic with rock and roll energy to create a once in a lifetime sound. The trio's notorious white face paint masks their identities, shifting the focus to a musical style that is alive, intense, emotional and powerful.

Kallidad's music is all instrumental - no lyrics are necessary to feel the energy and passion behind the music. Booming percussion and shredded nylon string guitars weave a deep web of sound that always leaves audiences breathless and begging for more!


From chilled smooth sets to the wettest of sweaty dance floors Fly Waves is known for her paramount versatility and appreciation of music through eras and countries, from the roots of reggae, hip hop and soul all the way through their electronic evolutions and subcultures.

Fly Waves accompanies rapper Barkaa as tour DJ and has played shows for Children Of Zeus (UK), Oddisee (USA), OKA, Kaiit, Milan Ring, True Vibenation and more across Australia, Italian radio and New York’s downtown’s Pianos.