Torch Fest - Australia's biggest mental health music festival, shining a light on inspirational artists and their stories, returns... and this time to Sydney!

Your Torch Stage initial lineup (in alphabetical order): Amy Vee, AYA YVES, AZURE, Bec Sandridge, BVT, David Taylor, Imogen Clark, Laura Hyde, LamBros., Little Green, RISSA, Sarah Wolfe, SAYAH, Seb Szabo and Tiarnie.

Your pick:Up village DJs: Daniel Tonik, Edgar Boulevarde, Forward Fox, Loosie Grind, Loyalty and Oscar Jamo.

The name Torch Fest comes from the notion that everyone has a Torch Song; the light that gets you through, and in 2022 we are bringing the festival to four separate States as we continue to shine a light on mental health.

All performers on the day perform their Torch Song, the light that gets you through, as part of their full set and the festival provides torches, for each attendee, to flick on when each of the Torch Songs are played throughout the day.

Alongside the incredible music you can enjoy wellbeing activations, in our pick:Up village, throughout the day including art therapy, mindfulness sessions, games, activities and a whole host more.

The festival attracts attendees that want to see their favourite artists in an up-close-and-personal setting, not in a sprawling field with thousands of people, and enables artists and fans to enjoy a truly unique experience.

Torch Fest Sydney will take place at Factory Theatre, on Sat 2nd April 2022.



Original date: Saturday 19th February 2022 (Max Watts)

New date: Saturday 2nd April 2022 (Factory Theatre)