We are pretending its a mid-year Mardi Gras and have put together the largest line up on our party calendar - as we transport you to the queer world of our dreams with UNICORNS - UTOPIA!

We are taking over the entirety of THE FACTORY THEATRE for 4 rooms of party utopian wildness!

On our main stage, we will be enjoying those sweaty house tunes from queer music icons SVETA, VIVI , PARTIGIRL and SHINOBI, who we are flying in from Melb just for you!

We know you love your RnB - so strut over to the Basement where you will enjoy sets from BAESSIA, NICOLE TANIA, DJ SLAYS and a dance workshop from Romans Dance Crew pioneer ELIAM ROYALNESS.

Ready for some disco?! Skip over to the Fuse Box where you will shimmy away to DYAN TAI, KAT STEELE, WOWCHOP - while jumping in and out of TAWF’S PHOTO BOOTH, then have a snuggle in our giant UNICORNS HUGGING BOOTH!

Have you been missing live music? We have you covered! Spread out across the stages you will enjoy some deeply missed live tunes from BVT, LOUIS LIBRAN and Melb talent SAXUEL.

The Unicorns Main stage will be filled to the brim with performance art treaties. Enjoy some CLUB CHROME pole dancing, SKY SIRENS extra special MLP routine and our faves ROMANS DANCE CREW, MISSY and J TWIST - yippee

Get set for 4 rooms of party wildness for 1 giant Unicorn-y reunion!

As we transport you to the queer party paradise of our dreams with Unicorns - Utopia!

Love + IRL hugs!

delsi cat