Regarding this special performance, Wang Defa said: "This is a collection of the most hilarious jokes from the time I started doing stand-up to now. It is the content that allows everyone to know me best. I have no other emotions. I am just my special self! If you think you can do it too, so be it." Let’s have a special show, Bao’er!”

Who is Wang Defa? Wandering comedian, stand-up mercenary, a master of Chinese philosophical talk shows. 

He has 4 years of experience in stand-up comedy. Hobbies: rap, basketball, drinking, and fooling around. 

He understands absurdity, maintains confrontation, and has explosive stage performance. 

Wang Defa is good at depicting every bit of life.

He The powerful expressive power gives soul to the small things in daily life, making ordinary things glow with unique vitality, allowing the audience to truly feel that "it speaks to the heart".

His performance style is free and unrestrained, but also full of in-depth thinking about life. 

Every performance blows up the audience! Wang Defa said: I will especially cherish my first three special performances. They were really fun, interesting and full of emotions.

I don’t need to convey anything, just being funny is enough! 

After three special performances, I haven't become a star yet, so I won't talk about talk shows. 

In the first special performance, I only played myself..