Exquisite: (adjective) extremely delicate, intensely felt

Pervert: (verb): to distort or corrupt the original course or state of something

Chartering the span of freedom and unstoppable adventures of a fifty year old woman chasing the perfect lighting and sausage condiment; Exquisite Pervert is a comedy cabaret inspired by the bullet ridden basements of Berlin, the beauties of Barcelona and one woman's quest to reignite the power and purpose of love.

Pervert: (noun) a person whose sexual behaviour is regarded as abnormal


‘This is a tour-de-force of defiant attitude, a clarion cry to be proud of who you are and not be confined by convention’ Chortle, Brighton Fringe 2023

Winner of Melbourne International Comedy Festival Awards, Sydney Comedy Festival Directors Prize and Edinburgh Fringe Total Theatre Award, Host of Soho House Comedy Berlin/Barcelona and former Territory bushwalking guide; Amelia Jane Hunter returns to the stage with a show about the joys of corrupting, kink and compassion.


'Deliciously cynical, lyrically explicit and very, very funny. She’s Samantha from Sex and the City with the vocabulary of Stephen Fry’ Chortle


‘A stunning performer with presence and panache, a vulnerable, revelatory performance at its centre’ Time Out UK

‘Raw, outrageous, completely unapologetic and enthralling to watch‘  UK Comedy