Renowned guitarist Paul Mason is set to dazzle the Factory Theatre once more with his critically acclaimed "Evening in Honour of Jeff Beck". He’ll again be joined by some of Australia’s finest guitar virtuosos this time being the incomparable Brett Garsed , James Muller and Jeremy Sawkins . Last year, Mason orchestrated an unforgettable evening featuring Sting and Dominic Miller and this time falling on the anniversary of Jeff Beck's passing the evening promises a fitting tribute to perhaps the greatest ever guitar hero in the planets history.

As far as guitarists go there are none quite like Jeff Beck. Described by Pete Townsend as “the Miles Davis of rock guitar” Jeff Beck's career is a masterclass in musical evolution and innovation. Beginning as a legendary guitarist for The Yardbirds in the mid-1960s, he helped shape the sound of rock 'n' roll with his groundbreaking use of the electric guitar. Over the decades, Beck's virtuosity and versatility have led him to explore various genres, from blues to jazz and literally everything in between, consistently pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the realm of guitar playing, earning him his place as arguably the greatest guitarist in history.

During this event Paul , Brett , James and Jeremy will be showcasing a catalogue of Jeff’s most highly regarded works along with many other bespoke musical gem’s aiming to capture the very essence of Jeff’s enduring impact. They will also be backed up by an amazing band comprising of Noel Mason on bass, David Pritchard on keyboards and the Legendary Warren Trout on drums .

About the Guitarists :

Paul Mason - A co-founder of the band Battlesnake aswell as being a distinctively formidable solo artist and sideman. He has shared stages with Kiss, The Smashing Pumpkins and his decade-long role as Jessica Mauboy's lead guitarist underscores his versatility.

Brett Garsed - Now hailing from Melbourne Brett is a true icon of Australian guitar. Not only is he revered all over the planet for his incredible musicality and technique he is also well known for his role as longtime guitarist with John Farnham .

James Muller - Now residing in Adelaide James enjoyed a monopoly on Sydney’s music scene as THE gun for hire. Now almost a decade on and everybody is still talking about him. James to Sydney in the early 2000’s was what Hendrix was to London in the Late 60’s. When James got to town it really was like a bomb had gone off .

Jeremy Sawkins - Sydney’s very own, a true luminary he is often described as the Albus Dumbledore of guitar in Sydney. Unique and formidable in every way, Sawko’s worked with the who’s who in Australian jazz and contemporary music and musicians travel from all over the country to learn from him .

This event last year was truly fantastic and will be a fitting and respectful tribute honouring one of the finest musicians to have ever lived . All hail the great Jeff Beck .