A bumbling artist. A ruined masterpiece. Less than fifty minutes to create a new one. Things are about to get messy!

International children’s theatre makers, Brymore Productions, head to Sydney with their joyous ode to creativity. Witness this interactive exhibition of physical comedy and crafty clowning, as our Artist attempts to create a brand-new masterpiece.

Mr Bean meets the Mona Lisa in this high-energy, paint-splattered comedy for the whole family.

★★★★.5 “Intimate, imaginative and delightfully interactive… ARTISTE stands out as wonderfully different.” Edinburgh Festivals For Kids

“Heartfelt and hilariously clownish… ARTISTE captures the childlike wonder in us all.” One4Review

“A celebration of creativity and playfulness for both young and old.” Nothing Ever Happens In Brisbane

‘ARTISTE’ received development support through Backbone Youth Arts’ Hub Residency program

**SCF Kids and Family Day**