“Since I first came up with the idea for this variety tour a few years ago” Said Creed Bratton “I’ve always wanted to head Down Under and perform it for Australian audiences. I couldn’t be happier that I’m finally making my way there” Having been performing solo shows for over a decade, Creed Bratton is best known for playing an over-the-top version of himself in US comedy classic The Office, as the mysterious, quality-assurance director that smells like mung-beans, lives for scuba diving and can’t tell the difference between an apple and a potato.

His critically acclaimed variety show – which includes live music, stand-up comedy and untold stories from both his life and time on ‘The Office’ – will land in capital cities around Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Perth. While many will know Creed Bratton from The Office and for roles in comedic hits like The Mask, the US comedian is also an established musician, with a career in music that spans nearly five decades.

As lead guitarist for legendary American rock group The Grass Roots, Creed played on the band’s first four albums, shaping their folk rock/psychedelic pop sounds, before breaking away in the 1970’s to pursue a solo career and comedic work. In addition to live music from Bratton’s longstanding career, the live show will also include anecdotes from Creed’s time on set of ‘The Office’ as well as the highs and lows of a career that has to be heard first-hand to be believed.



Original date - Saturday 16th October 2021

New date - Thursday 22nd September 2022