If you were to visit the website of DOMi & JD BECK—the astoundingly virtuosic Gen-Z jazz duo—you’d be told a dubious story about a 12-year-old saxophonist/physicist (DOMi Louna) and a 6-year-old sheep investigator/physicist (JD Beck). Let’s fix that. “My philosophy of life is don’t take shit too seriously,” says DOMi Louna, born Domitille Degalle. And that’s fair. But the vibrant world she and her collaborator have given us demands exploration. DOMi & JD BECK’s music finds both humor and greatness in harmonic complexity, rhythmic shiftiness, and speed. She favors sounds that evoke ‘70s jazz fusion and the colorful blips of 2000s Pokémon soundtracks, while he tunes and plays his snare in ways that can sound electronic, channeling IDM and boom bap.