Everyone is welcome to join us for our annual Dykes on Bikes, Bike & Tattoo show, with the addition of a swap meet, so bring along all your gear, aching to find a new home!

FREE ENTRY - This is a public event, and everyone is welcome to join us.

DJ Charlie Villas & DJ Felix Da Kitty will be spinning their tunes for us throughout the day..

As well as the swap meet, this event will feature a number of competitions throughout the day, which includes our annual wet t-shirt competition.

Iz Bear, Ms Sydney Leather, 2023, will be joining us as our guest judge.

Register on the day to win prizes in the following motorcycle & tattoo/body modification competitions


• up to 250cc,

• 250cc-499cc,

• 500cc-999cc,

• 1000cc +

• Best Rat Bike

• Peoples Choice

Tattoo/Body modifications:

• Best Tattoo – best torso, limbs, neck/head.

• Best Body Modification (piercing / branding / implant etc.)