Welcome to Doppleganger Desert, the home of Sal Yankovic (cousin of Al). After being hidden from the public eye whilst her cousin took the spotlight, Sal is ready to share the secrets of the stars who had their moments in the sun stolen from them.

Get ready for a night of parodies and performances that will leave you in stitches, tears and maybe a little aroused. 

This is the story of Sal Yankovic, the cousin who would’ve been. 

Ellen Christina is a music and comedy performer based in Sydney who is making her solo Sydney Comedy Festival debut. After a run of Weird Al’s Cousin shows at Sydney Fringe Festival in 2023 and co-directing the sold out “Kids Choice Awards” Sketch Comedy Revue at Sydney Comedy Festival in 2022, she’s back for more and continuing to put her Bachelor of Musical Theatre to good use. Weird Al’s Cousin is a show that combines parodies and stand up in a way that will leave you thinking about Mary Poppins and Jamie Lynn Spears in a way you never thought was possible. 

“Rich and ribald parody writing skills coupled with a captivating singing performance” - Arts Hub 

“Ellen Christina has, in her depiction of the resentful cousin of Weird Al, created an sensational character”- Toasting Aussie Theatre