You’ve had a lifetime of lame anecdotes from all the average looking comedians, but the reviews are in – self-deprecation is dead. It’s time to hear from Australia’s First Attractive Comedian.

Hot girls aren’t supposed to be funny, but Elouise Eftos is. Some people may think it’s a blessing, but she’s here to tell you that being cute comes at a cost. Like all Australian pioneers, Elouise leads you on a journey through the unchartered territory of hotness in comedy – from being an AFL Grand Final dancer to Aaron Chen’s ex-wife to pissing off Ricky Nixon.

Elouise bridges the thigh gap between serving good jokes and giving good face. Australia’s First Attractive Comedian is a raucous romp through the life of a quadruple threat, tackling outdated feminism and disgusting men through stand-up, extensive dance training, a trained singing voice and professional acting (you’re welcome). You think it’s hard being funny? Try being smart and good looking on top of that.

Join Elouise for her debut solo hour as she subverts the meaning of feminism, attractiveness and owning yourself in a world that tells you to hate yourself to be funny.