The weekly history podcast Half-Arsed History is hitting the road with its first ever live shows!
Since its inception in 2018, Half-Arsed History has grown to become one of Australia’s best-loved history podcasts, exploring absurd and entertaining stories from throughout history. From Mozart’s obsession with toilet humour; when a dead pope was dug up and put on trial as a corpse; the time Australia lost a war against emus – no topic is too weighty and significant for this very serious history podcast.
Join host Riley Knight as the podcast takes to the stage for the first time. You’ll have a laugh, at the very least, and might even learn a thing or two as Riley explores the local histories of both Sydney and Melbourne, answering questions such as: why was Melbourne almost named Batmania? What happened to the abandoned WW2 bomb shelter under Sydney’s Hyde Park? And, most importantly, which city really is the better one – and why is it Melbourne?