One of the country’s ‘most happening’ comedic performers is about to ‘unleash the beast’, their brand new cabaret styled stage-show as part of the Sydney Comedy Festival.

AmaJayus is the quasi-musical, comedic cabaret special of the decade coming from eponymous artist Jay Wymarra.

Built atop of the decaying remains of the play, AmaJayus follows the inner-life, conflicts, journey, and fashion choices of a young queer black boy who refuses the boxes society wishes him to occupy.

Entirely terrifying and wonderful, AmaJayus traverses Jay's evolved identity from comedian to political figure, musical nerd to pansexual lunatic.

“I am totally excited to unleash AmaJayus onto suspecting audiences! I pay homage to the murky past, gaze into an unknown future, and lead the crowd into a playfully dark and fabulous space”, states Jay.

Part comedy, part ghost story, AmaJayus is a queer-feral rock-opera about self-acceptance and finding where you fit, all told out of order by a true First Nations renaissance man.

AmaJayus features a number of new music tracks, in collaboration with composer Tegan Koster, and producer Hairbrain, Jay’s voice commands audio attention - from queer musical ballads to the very-naughty house banger “Grow Some Balls”.

His unique voice in the entertainment space has seen him make appearances in ABC’s ‘Rosehaven’, writing and performing sketches for Get Up!, and touring Edinburgh Fringe Festival with the Aboriginal Comedy All Stars.

In Review said of his recent Adelaide Fringe performance as part of the Aboriginal Comedy All Stars “The shining star of the night is Wymarra……he pulls no punches with the political figures that have been in the news over the past year and his commentary is both tongue-in-cheek and hilarious”.

Tracing back to the Saibai Koedal people of Saibai Island, along with the Meriam people of Murray Island and the Gudang/Yadaykenu people of Cape York, Pajinka, and Somerset, Jay’s cultural roots inform his very sharp contemporary lens.

The son of a former Foreign Affairs diplomat, Jay Wymarra was exposed to many aspects of Australian and international cultures from a young age, and is a staunch activist for the rights of people across all spectrums.

To be premiered at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in April, Jay Wymarra is ready to launch his formidable, unique and downright comedic gothic queerness in all its glory.