"A true narcissist would never ask themselves if they were being a narcissist. So I’m not one.

I’m much better than that."

A new play written and performed by comedian Lauren Bonner. In it she plays Sam, a teacher caught in an affair with one of her students. Delusional and desperate, she is forced to live her worst nightmare – accepting responsibility for her actions.

Imagine Having Anything at All is a sharp and funny portrayal of a woman so deep in her own hubris, that she’s unable to see that she is set on a path towards self-destruction. Sam is cutting, dark and deeply delusional. She is not likeable and you won’t want to admit to finding her relatable.

Lauren Bonner regularly headlines at comedy clubs across the country and toured her shows Heartbreaker and Elephant to Melbourne in 2021 and 2022. In 2023 she missed the Festival because she was busy filming a new US television comedy While You Were Breeding alongside Cat Cohen. You might have heard her on triple j, on her podcast 'Big Natural Talents' with Concetta Caristo or seen her on the ABC, Stan or wandering around the shops with a big iced coffee.