Gayer Than I Used To Be is a show about how Maddie Southall is well… gayer than she used to be. To everyone’s surprise, delight, disdain and confusion (depends who you ask) she’s taken a step off the beaten track and accidentally slipped straight into the depths of gay panic.

During her short time outside of the vice-like grip of heterosexuality, she’s covered a vast number of quintessential gay experiences. A disgustingly dramatic long-distance lesbian relationship, getting her heart broken, buying Crocs on purpose, taking a hiatus from listening to men talk about The Godfather on dates, and then accidentally finding the sweetest girlfriend on the planet (who's hopefully still sweet by the time this show comes out but you’ll have to come to find out for yourself). 

Gayer Than I Used To Be is a hilarious stand-up comedy show about being gay, straight, somewhere in between, young, stoopid, broke or other. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join for a whimsical night of yapping, stories and love. 

RAW Comedy State Finalist Maddie Southall is a comedian, actor, and screenwriter. Perth-born, she cut her teeth in the LA comedy scene, eventually performing regularly at the world-famous Comedy Store and Flappers Comedy Club. With a Creative Writing degree from UCLA, Maddie returned to Sydney. When she’s not writing for television, she’s writing jokes. Catch her delighting audiences all around Australia with her unique brand of intelligent, whimsical comedy.

After totally selling out her debut solo shows Villian Era, Thoughts & Things (2022), and Soft Serve (2023) at Sydney Comedy Festival and Sydney Fringe Festival, Maddie is back with her latest and greatest show Gayer Than I Used To Be. Get your tickets quick sticks because if history tells us anything, it's that this show will sell out!

"Funny, unapologetic and smart, Maddie’s writing leaps off the page with its honesty and originality.”

- Subtext Pictures

RAW Comedy NSW - State Finalist 2022

Newcastle Fringe Festival - Best Comedy Nomination 2022