Join 'Maybe in May' in celebration of their debut single, "Easier To Let Go" at their launch party!!

'Maybe in May' performs angsty indie alt-pop with rich tones, dreamy melodies and a youthful reflection of growing pains. The Eora/ Sydney based band consists of five non-men, queer musicians, who are fast friends pulled from facebook and high school peers. The band began in early 2022 when lead singer Marissa found her sound after years of various projects. 

The quintet they are today, consists of; Marissa (Lead Vocals), Grace (Bass), Sarah (Drums), Gab (Lead Guitar) and Gabby (Rhythm Guitar). These friends have come together to make music that has an impact both creatively and lyrically. ‘Maybe in May’ give a voice to queer adolescents and help their fans feel heard and be their unapologetic selves. The lyrical content of their songs fill the room with a vibey vulnerability, creating a relatable and safe space for their audience.

“Maybe in May’s set focuses less on shock and more on awe, fronting musicality and soaring range instead of repeated body slams to the back of the head. An eyebrow-elevating vocal is front and centre, sure, but the whole package is insistently powerful in its command and control of the songs.”- The Underground Stage.