Glowing Ember Records is proud to present the inaugural line-up of Pig Out On Punk in Sydney NSW.

Hold onto your pig tails, seven searing punk rock bands are ready to rattle your senses.

Born out of the filth-ridden laneways and sticky-floored dive bars of inner west of Sydney, TANTICHRIST play a high-octane flavour of hook-laden surf punk that'll get your hips swinging and your ears ringing. With a scalding vein of twisted, “none-more black” humour and a wild theatrical bent, TANTICHRIST roleplay all the villains and scumbags of our times against the backdrop of a chaotic, yet anthemic sonic maelstrom. Their debut single “Fuck Or Fight” boasts a wild film clip which clocked over 30,000 views in 21 days and aired on ABC Rage.

Square Tugs have been playing solidly around Brisbane since mid-2020 and are well-established on the live circuit. All members are veterans of the Brisbane punk scene and have been playing since the early 1980’s…. yes, they’re old! Towards the end of 2023 we had Rob Garry from The Arturo’s officially join the band, just in time to record “One Minute Love Song” which was voted number one in the 2023 Brisbane 4ZZZ Hot 100.

The Owen Guns are an old school punk band with members split between Sydney and the beautiful South Coast of NSW. Fronted by the charismatic and in your face Sean the Bastard, they are unlike the current crop of punk bands, there are no fake American accents or the fear of offending people. They don’t take themselves or anyone else too seriously and aren’t afraid to call things how they see them. Active since 2020 they’ve released an album, a mini album and 2 EP's - their last two releases made the independent Aussie charts and featured in 4ZZZ's Hot 100.

Flowers For Jayne are Sydney's premier power trio. Founded by former Lime Spiders lead guitarist Jayne Murphy they released debut album Dangerous Woman in 2022. They recently released their EP “In The Keep” through new partner MGM Distribution. “My Craft” is the EP's first single release. Edwin Garland (i-94 Bar Records) wrote, “In ‘My Craft’, Jayne really bellows and rattles off phrases and words that are jammed in with a melodic hook. This glorious piece has more to offer in just over two minutes than most bands manage to deliver over an album. It has an in-your-face guitar sound and wah-wah pedal work that sounds like Ron Asheton on steroids. The stand-out track for sure.”

Formed in late 2016 by vocalist/guitarist Rob Garry as a solo studio-based project, The Arturos (named in honour of the late Arturo Vega, the genius behind the iconic Ramones Presidential Seal logo) became an outlet for all the punk rock riffs that never found a home in any of his previous musical endeavours. The goal was simple- write and record an EP’s worth of material and share it with like-minded friends and fellow musicians. Overwhelming positive feedback and repeated airplay 4ZZZ demanded they become a live entity. 2020 saw the release of their debut album, “Tokyo-A-Go-Go!”.

The Dark Clouds are a four-piece guitar band hailing from Greater Sydney, Australia. They describe their music as “Proto-Punk”. Strongly influenced by Detroit Rock, New York Punk and the Aussie Indie pub scene of the 80s. They are passionate about keeping the music they love alive!

Like chocolate coated peanut butter or wine laced with strychnine, less is more baby. Trim the fat, strap yer self in and step on the gas. The Strike-Outs deliver a full-blown trash rock assault.