The world is coming to an end in one way or another. Scientists have given us 10 years to fix climate change, and with the way billionaires and politicians are behaving, global warming won’t be fixed any time soon. So, Ellen and Bella have come up with advice on how to survive the climate apocalypse for the she’s, they’s and gay’s. We will teach you how to start your own queer commune, the best way to make a capsicum bong, and of course, a detailed plan of who we’re eating when we eat the rich (Don’t worry, J.K. Rowling is the FIRST person on our list). Make sure you take notes, this informative comedy show will definitely, 100% help you during the climate crisis when tsunamis and tornados hit our shores.

A comedy show devised by Ellen and Bella, QUEER APOCALYPSE, is a satirical analysis of ways the queer community can survive when our ecosystem inevitably crumbles under capitalism. Through podcast-like chats, audience participation and theatrical spectacle, this is an apocalypse you’ll want to experience.