Ross Purdy has had a hell of a year. After winning Season 12 of Celebrity Brain Lobotomy, the release of his Foxtel Binge exclusive biopic Purds and going viral after licking a possum, he once again hits the stage for this special charity event to help solve the cost of living crisis*

Ross will drool his slob-servational git wit to prove why he’s the top La Porchetta coupon-earning Aussie comedian and voice of a degeneration.

*All profits from ticket sales will go towards the World Pieces Foundation to fund a new A+ Bomb to blow open a hellmouth.

A Caligula orgy of nihil-ha-ha-ism, a bamboozling deluge of non-sequiturs, nonsensical wordplay, body horror and punk music.

Ross Purdy plays Ross Purdy in this alternate reality alternative comedy, and puts the “destruction” in “deconstructionist anti-comedy stand up”.

'Any fans of American anti-humour comedian Andy Kaufman will definitely be satiated by the great Ross Purdy.' Eezy Sleez Art

'Crude, aggressive, somewhat confronting anti-capitalist, anti-consumerist, anti-fascist rhetoric and it was really really fun.' Praise Dionysus

About Ross Purdy:

Ross Purdy (he/him) is a Melbourne-based comedian who's been performing his distinct brand of absurdist comedy, through character, sketch and improv for 10 years.

He has performed in festivals all around the country in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide and has netted nominations for Melbourne International Comedy Festival's Golden Gibbo and Sydney Fringe's Best Comedy awards.

He also runs and hosts the Ant Eye Comedy monthly alternative comedy room and presents the 'Ross Purdy Destroys Comedy' podcast. He also released his latest special Ross Purdy Is Your New God on YouTube at the end of 2023