Sci fight is a quarterly Science Comedy Debate where scientists and comedians come together to debate serious issues in a ridiculous manner.

This round's topic: We are living in a simulation

Simulation theory posits the notion that if humanity doesn’t wipe itself out shortly, humans of the future will have massive computers. This seems legit. But if they have massive computers; several annoying commentators argue; they will no doubt run ancestor simulations; for fun, for education, or to figure out just why 21st century humans were so into Crossfit. If they do this, every copy of every simulation will far exceed the numbers of us biological humans, ergo, we are FAR MORE LIKELY to be a simulation than a real human. Day. Ruined.

Being in a simulation might explain some of the odder parts of reality. Shortcomings in the code might account for why certain atomic particles seem to behave differently if we’re watching them, or why Kyle Sandilands still has a job. Or why I have no memory of last Thursday.

But there’s much more it doesn’t explain. Consciousness. The ever expanding levels of complexity we discover in our universe. What stamp duty is.

Does the notion this is a simulation cheapen our existence? Is our life worth less if it's digital? Does it free us from the laws of biology or society we assumed were innate? Can I punch a Nazi in the face? Is the red pill covered by the pharmaceutical benefits scheme?

Or is it a zero sum argument; with no consequence to our daily existence, a disprovable thought experiment thought up by a tech bro keen on getting an invitation to Musk’s prepper circle?

And where is the reset button? Come to the Factory theatre for a bite and a beer while investigating the fundamental nature of our universe.