Due to unforeseen circumstances, this show has been postponed. Ticket holders will be notified of new show dates once they are announced.


Small Fry Rock - Gigs you can take your kids to!

Our first show of 2024 will feature none other than Tim Rogers. Front-man of rock band You Am I, and all round Australian legend and icon!


Running times are kept nice and short for our small fries!

Doors open 11am

Support 11:30-11:55am

Headline 12pm-12:45pm

Plan ahead with the following info:

* Pram parking available.

* Packed food & snacks are allowed in the venue. Food trucks are also available on the day.

* We offer a dance floor for the small fries, standing room up the back, as well as row seating. If you require a seat, please arrive on time. Seating fills up quickly. Lots of room for everyone though.

* Colouring stations set up throughout the venue.

* Volume is set at a safe level for small fries and carefully monitored throughout the show. Recommended use of hearing protection/baby ear muffs if you have any concerns.

* Content warning. Although we ask our Artists to keep it PG, we can't always ensure it will stay that way once the show has begun.

* Parents remain responsible for their children at all times.

If we're missing something you need to know, please email [email protected]. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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