As we approach our 13th annual Subsonic Music Festival, we’re elated to present our Sydney/Eora launch party. Come June 29th, we’ll be decking out 3 rooms at the Factory Theatre in the underground beating heart of Sydney - Marrickville, for a massive all-day and night event.

With first-release tickets, at an inflation-beating $10, you can knock $50 off your festival ticket for the main event in December. We’ll also have thousands of dollars in door prizes, spin-to-win doof roulette and the kind of diverse music lineup you’ve come to love.


DJ W!LD (Paris, FR)

Bare Necessities Collective  

Back to Boogie DJs

Barney Kato

Dylan Griffin


Alex Ludlow

Alice Burcovich



Gemma Van D 



First Round: $10

(Before 3pm entry) *^

Second Round: $20

Third Round $35

* If you buy our special $10 first round tickets this gives you access to a $50 off coupon for our festival in December, you must attend the launch event to access this. 

Reconnect with your festival community and come dance with us as we anticipate the summer to come.