Original date: Saturday 5th June 2021

New date: Thursday 4th November 2021


In a year where we’ve been hit with disaster after disaster and tour cancellation after tour cancellation, Australia’s favourite New Zealanders, The Beths, are reversing the trend of bad news with the announcement that they’ve finally found a way to reschedule their postponed 2020 tour, and will now be returning across the Tasman in November.

Still riding high off the release of their critically acclaimed sophomore album, Jump Rope Gazers (out now via Dew Process), the band has actually been busy on the road the last month, thanks to New Zealand’s diligent and sensible response to COVID-19, which allowed for live music tours to once again return across Aotearoa.

The result has been jubilant crowds, lengthy write-ups in The Washington Post of all places, and even the chance to meet their heroes, the NZ Cricket Team (we can feel Jonno still smiling from that encounter from here).

These shows are also announced shortly after the release of their most recent, and as per usual completely bloody excellent, video for ‘Mars The God Of War.’ Directed by regular collaborators Sports Team, it sees the band members pull off a Mission Impossible style heist, with no clear objective, but one of those scenes where someone rips off a mask of another person’s face – so you know it’s good.

It was just the latest release from a band that has kept a glimmer of hope in our eyes all through the year, thanks to new music, great videos, fabolous live from home concerts, and a general air of positivity and hope across their socials. If there was one act we should all look towards to find hope in arguably the hardest year any of us have ever experienced, it’s The Beths.

Let’s all get out there and say thank you to them by heading to these shows next year for what is surely going to be some of the best nights in recent memory.