Get in loser, we’re going comedy.

Jump in the passenger seat as three delightful weirdos put the improv pedal to the comedy metal.

Emilia Higgs, Jim Fishwick and Maddie Parker will be tearing up the track in a high-octane pursuit of sheer joy.

Big Hearts! Empty Heads! No Brakes!


“I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe” — Sam M, audience member

“This is the one show I always make time for” — Elaine H, audience member

“Just pure, unabashed, highly erudite silliness and playfulness. I was so jealous watching this show that improv isn’t like this all the time.” — Cale Bain, Improv Theatre Sydney

“Like riding a rollercoaster where everyone's laughing instead of screaming. Also rockets are attached.” — Yorrick M, audience member


VIP Ticket Includes;

    • High Five from the Cast

    • Small Piece of merch as a token of our undying thanks