It is a truth universally acknowledged that Unplanned Melodies are back for this season's Sydney Comedy Festival in their newest creation, Nonsense and Sensibility an Improvised Jane Austen Musical. Join them in scandal, intrigue and impeccable manners that are completely improvised, completely musical and completely fun! Let Unplanned Melodies convey to you how much they love and admire you through jokes, dancing and jolly good tunes.

Starring Alex Williams, Chloe Latham, Kate Knott, Jeeves Verma, Angela Bradburn and Irene Nicola improvising on piano.

“ absolutely magical, hilarious and unexpected experience”

Theatre Travels

"...All of it was a hoot. Melodrama, understatement, slick movement, one-liners and

far out facial expressions...kept coming in this fine fin-du-monde explosion.”

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