Bad Girl Productions presents VICE: The Seven Deadly Sirens. A journey through the divine and sinful where purgatory meets burlesque.

Pride. Greed. Envy. Lust. Gluttony. Sloth. Wrath.

Prepare to be entranced and enamoured, as the seven deadly sins are reborn as seductively sinful sirens. It is known that to commit a mortal sin, without penance or confession is the ultimate act of death, but we take pride in denouncing virtuous glory.

Burlesque by its nature is an act of rebellion and we’re here to revel in it. Be surrounded by the beauty of Sydney’s burlesque bombshells including Peg Petite, Paloma Negra, Mac Galleon, Whiplash, the Fallen Angels with resident Bad Girls, Kitty Allure and Onya Bones.

From the creators of Bad Girls Club, Stripping in the Name Of, Fresh Meat Burlesque and Burlesque Fight Club - Vice: The Seven Deadly Sirens is bound to be their latest hit production. You don’t want to miss when the Bad Girls show you just how sinful they can be.

Siren VIP - First two rows of seats - so close you could almost touch it.

General Admission Seated - Unreserved seating, doors open at 7PM.

Please be advised this is an 18+ event and will contain adult themes and partial nudity.